2019 International Health Congress                             26th - 28th June 2019                                                     

This Oxford International Health Conference series seeks to bring together health researchers who aim to promote health and wellbeing through improved health services in Europe and around the world.

The 2019 global health conference is hosted at the University of Oxford. The aim of the event, building on the past four world health congresses, is to highlight the link between research and practice by gathering together a wide range of papers on health and health services research close to practice and/or policy. These will come from the full range of allied disciplines including primary care, acute medicine, public health, psychiatry, paediatrics, and ageing as well as economics, psychology, statistics, social science and ethics, clinical trial design, health informatics and implementation research.

The world health congress series has been established by academics in Oxford and elsewhere and is open to health researchers, particularly those related to health services in the UK, Europe and beyond. We hope that you will contribute to what promises to be an exciting new opportunity to develop research networks and encourage the uptake of research and evidence based innovations in all areas of science that contribute to health and wellbeing through better health services.

For further information and details on the conference, please contact Ms Sabrina Li at: sabrina.li@ouce.ox.ac.uk. 

Speakers for the 2019 Health Conference will include:

  • Professor David Hunter, Institute of Health and Society
  • Professor Andrew Farmer, Nuffield Dept of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford
  • Professor Elio Riboli, Imperial College
  • Professor Patrick Maxwell, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Susanna Dunachie, Department of Tropical Medicine, Oxford
  • Professor Paul McCrone, King's College London
  • Professor Martin Knapp, LSE
  • Professor Craig Moran, King's College London
  • Professor Jill Manthorpe, King's College London
  • Professor Rafael Perera, Oxford Nuffield Primary Care Health Sciences
  • Professor Ellen Nolte, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Professor Monica Lakhanpaul, UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health
  • Professor Paul Aveyard, Oxford Nuffield Primary Care Health Sciences
  • Professor Ian Kessler, King's College London

Suggested themes for the 2019 International Health Conference: 

* Medicine and Social Science*

* Health Services Innovations*

* Global Public Health and Epidemiology *

* Health Policy and Economics *

However, delegates are welcome to submit papers related to all the following areas

General Practice, Cancer and Health Services, Public Health, Community Care, Acute Health, Hospitals, Mental Health, Paediatrics, Older Age, Dentistry, Health Economics, Health Psychology, Medical Statistics, Social Science and Medicine, Health Policy and Systems, Health Management, e-Health, Big Data, Health Informatics, Human Resources, Nursing, Leadership, Medical Decision Making, Research Utilization, Inequalities, Social Determinants and Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

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International Health Conference
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